Create a project

You can create a project from the web interface or using the CLI.


To create a project via the CLI see these instructions

To create project using the web interface:

  1. Go to Projects and click Create Project.

  2. Next, you can choose to Use a starter project or Create your own project. If you pick to start with a starter project, you can select a project from the list and click Next to get started. The project visibility will be set to private.

  3. If creating your own project, enter the name, description and pick the visiblity for your project. Project naming criteria are as follows:

    • 3 to 25 characters
    • Lower case alphanumeric, - or _
    • Must start and end with alphanumeric

  4. Optionally, enter the repository URL and optionally the branch name. URL format:

  5. Optionally and if this is a private repository, select Associate with git credentials. Select an existing or click Add new credentials to add and associate new credentials.

  6. Optionally, you can import this external repository to the Project's Local Repository by selecting Import this repository to Onepanel.

  7. Click Create.