Local repository


You can identify Local Repositories by their domain https://git.onepanel.io

Each project comes with its own Local Repository, which is a Git repository managed by Onepanel. This repository is special because once you add a project member, they can automatically pull from and push to this repository instead of having to manage their credentials separately. Once you remove a member from a project, they are also removed from this repository. Other than these special properties, you can treat this repository just like your other Git repositories.

Using a Local Repository

In a Workspace

In a Onepanel Workspace, you can simply select this repository:

It will then be available in your code folder. You can then add and commit files and push to it:

# add and commit your files
git push

On your local machine

First, you need to get your git credentials for this repository:

  1. In top right corner, click your username and then click Account
  2. Click Git credentials
  3. Next to local-repository-token, click SHOW to view your password
  4. Use this username and password in your git clone/push commands.

You can then clone this repository:

git clone https://git.onepanel.io/<account>/<project>.git

Or, add it at as a remote to an existing repository:

git remote add onepanel https://git.onepanel.io/<account>/<project>.git

Then you can use it as you would normally use any git repository:

# add and commit your files
git push -u onepanel master