Release notes

v2.7.10 - October 23rd 2019


  • Added tagging. Projects, datasets, workspaces, jobs are all now taggable!
  • Workspaces and Jobs environments can now be filtered to only show the most recent versions.
  • Project Repositories have been added to the Project Overview page so you can see at a glance what the project is connected to.
  • Similarly, Project Datasets have been added. See what datasets are in use for a project.
  • Dataset File Uploading through UI. You can now create folders and drag-and-drop files to a dataset from the UI!
  • Addition of a small tour on the Projects page to give a quick explanation on what workspaces and jobs are.
  • You can now mount additional datasets while a workspace is running.
  • You can now add a target directory for downloading job output, through the SDK

Example code from Jupyter Lab Notebook, TensorFlow Workspace

!onepanel --version
# Onepanel CLI, version 2.20.0
from onepanel.models import DatasetMount
from onepanel.models import ProjectRepository
from onepanel.sdk import Client
client = Client()
job =, project_uid='eyeyeye')
# completed, project_uid='eyeyeye', archive_flag=True, target_directory='/onepanel/output/test')
# Attempting to download the compressed output file to /onepanel/output/test directory.
# Finished downloading.
# True

Alpha features

  • Addition of Job Metrics. You can now use the Onepanel SDK to track metrics for jobs and see a graph summarizing them upon job completion.
  • ROS + Gazebo and Unreal Engine have been added as environments. If you'd like to see a demo, contact us! More on this to come soon.

Bug fixes

Fixed issue where

  • Job launching timer would sometimes not go down.
  • Editing an environment variable in your settings wouldn't do anything
  • Project code dropdown would get odd spaced styling after going to the discussions tab and back
  • Error message when running more than two jobs or workspaces didn't show completely
  • Public profile contact information was not private by default
  • You couldn't hard refresh on a job details page.
  • Dataset Files sometimes showed a NAN message in the paginators
  • Viewing a public profile while logged in did not display a back button.
  • Job output download archive button was hidden
  • Workspace icons (pytorch, etc) were sometimes the wrong size, making them look skewed.
  • Duplicate tags were allowed in the API / Backend
  • User session was not properly persisting inside of cvat.
    -- Scenario: 
    Login as User A
    Login to CVAT as user A. 
    Log out of OnePanel as User A.
    Login as User B
    Go to same CVAT workspace
    See User A is still logged in.
  • Fixed header that shows the current user logged in, for workspaces
  • Fixed an issue with CVAT demo not allowing demo users to create tasks inside of CVAT. ** An environment variable needs to be set.
  • Added a new button to CVAT, so you can dump annotations and create a dataset in one go
  • Unable to pass in no tags for a given entity
  • CVAT "View Site" in Admin view, URL has been fixed
  • CVAT - Assigning a task to a user causes the task to disappear from the assigner and assignee