Onepanel CLI


Onepanel CLI is available on pypi and works on Windows, MacOS and Linux.

To install Onepanel's CLI via pip :

pip install -U onepanel


CLI is pre-installed if you are using Onepanel Workspaces or Jobs.


We recommend installing onepanel into a python virtual environment, or a conda environment if you'd prefer.

Example installation for python virtual environment:

pip install virtualenv
mkdir folder_to_hold_virtual_python
cd folder_to_hold_virtual_python
virtualenv venv_2_7_16[<folder_that_tells_you_what_venv>]
cd venv_2_7_16
source bin/activate
pip install -U onepanel


The CLI is compatible with Python 2.7.x and Python >= 3.6.x, if you have both versions installed, you will need to use pip3 for Python >= 3.6.x.


You can connect your Onepanel account to CLI by using the login command where you'll be prompted for your email and password:

onepanel login

Alternatively, you can create an access token and then login as follows:

onepanel login -t <access-token> -u <username>

Check version

onepanel --version

Help and documentation


See CLI documentation for additional commands

You can add --help to any command to view information about its syntax and options, some examples:

onepanel jobs --help
onepanel jobs create --help