Create a workspace

To create a workspace:

  1. Go to a Project and click Workspaces.

  2. Click Create Workspace in the top right corner.

  3. Select an Environment and click Next.

  4. Next, enter a workspace name. Workspace naming criteria are as follows:

    • 3 to 25 characters
    • Lower case alphanumeric, - or _
    • Must start and end with alphanumeric
  5. Click Select machine to see a selection of machine types. A machine's price is displayed after you select it.

  6. If you are launching this workspace in a public Project, you have the option to pick its visibility.

  7. Optionally, you can select Use spot machine to select a Spot Machine.

  8. Select an existing or add a Code Repository, otherwise select None. The repository will be pulled into /onepanel/code folder. See managing repositories for more information.

  9. Optionally, mount Datasets by clicking Add Dataset.

  10. Optionally, change storage size by clicking Change. If you have selected Datasets, Onepanel will automatically adjust storage size based on total size of added Datasets plus an additional 50GB.

  11. Click Create to create your Workspace. Depending on your machine type, this could take up to 5 minutes.